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Living independently in our Transition Age Youth Housing Program

TLC has three housing programs that give young people, ages 16-24, the opportunity to learn critical life skills and receive support from professional staff while living independently in Sonoma County.

TLC partners with landlords and homeowners to provide safe apartments and homes throughout Sonoma County.


Transitional Housing Program Placement for minors

This program is a licensed foster care placement serving minors, age 16.5 until their 18th birthday.


Transitional Housing Program Placement for non minor dependents

This program is a licensed extended foster care placement for non-minor dependents who have chosen to remain in care to receive support services and who are aged between 18-21 years old. 


Transitional Housing Program for former foster youth

This program is not a licensed foster placement, but does operate under contract for former foster youth who exited care on or after their 18th birthday. This program serves ages 18-24, however due to legislation passing that has extended the age eligibility for foster care; most referrals are coming to TLC between the ages of 21-24. This program offers a max of 24 months of housing and support services. 

The application for the above three programs are provided on this webpage via a link on the bottom left hand corner. 

Rapid Rehousing

This is a rapid rehousing program for transition age youth, aged 18-24, who are experiencing homelessness. This program offers a max of 24 months of housing and support services. Youth must experience homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness in Sonoma County AND must be entered into the Coordinated Entry System for program eligibility. 

TLC’s Transition Age Youth Housing Programs Resource Center is a coordinated entry site where youth can be placed onto the Sonoma County Coordinated Entry System.

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