We start with what’s working. We see each teen as a complex person with many undiscovered talents and untapped capacities. And we see each family as a complex system with many resources for connection and healing. We listen for strengths. And build upon them.


We deal with trauma. Deep trauma. Grief and loss. Emotional abuse. Peer abuse. Sexual abuse. Neglect. Violence. We address the root causes that create symptoms such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.


We honor family. And integrate parents and caregivers into the Journey Academy experience. We help our students learn to communicate their needs to others in productive ways. And support their families as they adapt to relating to a healthier, happier teen.


One size does not fit all. But there are basics that every teen needs—a sense of belonging, feeling understood, constructive communication tools, and a way to connect to self, others and the wider community. We find a way to meet each individual’s needs through individual, group & family sessions.

Individual Work


Your teen will have a staff of professionals who will truly get to know them. They will work as a team to support specific places of struggle for your child–whether it’s repetitive thoughts, self-image, unexpressed grief, difficulty connecting or issues of trust and attachment. Our therapists will work one-on-one with your teen to help deepen their way of relating to the world.

Different Modalities

Individual work will be a combination of evidence-based practices including Cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), Experiential therapy, Play therapy, Narrative therapy, Mindfulness training, Somatic therapy and Motivational interviewing. We will tailor the sessions for what your teen needs most and responds to best.


Our whole staff works to support your teen. We have continuous internal communication with academic staff, administrators, and residential counselors to ensure consistency in their treatment.

Crisis Intervention

Safety means everything to us. Every effort is made to proactively manage escalated situations. In moments of crisis, our staff is trained to respond quickly with extra services and measures as needed.

Group Work

Group therapy is also a vital part of your teen’s weekly schedule. Being part of a therapy group creates a broader experience of sharing and of listening. For some, hearing other teens share their ideas, challenges and strategies for coping opens the doors to new insights and ways of connecting.

These groups may include: Equine, Mindfulness, Creative Arts, Mindfulness, Family Relationships, Identity Spectrum LGBTQI, and Eco therapy

Building Bridges with Family


As you’ve watched your child struggle, you have also experienced pain. The toll on family relationships is real.

You may be experiencing feelings of powerlessness, overwhelm, worry, and grief. We help you move through these emotions and stages. And we give you tools to help you learn new strategies for relating with your teen.

New Interactions

As your teen learns new coping skills and starts to address deeper issues, you may find that your family dynamics start to shift. This can be welcomed and sometimes scary–because it’s new. It can be hard to trust but we’ll help you navigate these changes.

We guide you through the journey of recovery, and show you new ways to interact with your teen.

Identity and LGBTQ


Every human being wants acceptance and support from those around them, and teens are no different. LGBTQ students, however, can feel afraid of being misunderstood or rejected by family, friends, and teachers when they reveal how they think, feel, and see the world.

LGBTQ teens may also feel afraid of violence, harassment, prejudice, discrimination, and stigmatization if they openly express who they are. This can deepen a sense of confusion, isolation, self-doubt, and worry. As a consequence, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts by LGBTQ youth are 2x to 3x higher than for heterosexual teens.


We take clear and measurable steps to make sure that our LGBTQ students feel safe in our school, on our campus, and in our homes. In fact, Journey Academy has been awarded the prestigious Human Rights Campaign Seal of Approval.


We specialize working with LGBTQ teens and their development. We know the issues families face and how to talk about them. We know the various paths teens take in discovering who they are, and how to support them to make healthy choices that are in alignment with who they truly are.

We also provide SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression) trainings and gender sensitivity workshops in the community.