A Regular School Day

We want our students to enjoy a normal high school schedule.  Students move through different classrooms throughout their day. We offer various electives to suit student credit needs and individual interests. During breaks, students eat together, listen to music, toss around a football, socialize with their friends, or read a book in the sun.


We don’t want our students to miss out on this valuable time in their lives just because they need some extra support. We strive to prepare our students to easily transition back into their original school or another school when the time is right.

Supporting Student Goals

The goals of your teen don’t have to be postponed. In fact, we use these opportunities to help your teen develop personal integrity, accountability, responsibility, and communication to be the best version of themselves. We support them to obtain things such as a driver’s license, part-time job, class at the junior college, or food handler’s certificate. We believe these aspirations positively contribute to the development of a growing young adult.