A Regular School Day

We develop our program to reflect a traditional but highly supportive high school schedule and experience to help students build and maintain the executive functioning skills required in a less restrictive environment. Students move through different classrooms throughout their day and receive support in navigating these different academic environments as well as navigating a variety of teacher and peer relationships. Each class size is small with a ratio of 12 students to 1 Education Specialist/Instructor. Each classroom also includes Instructional Aide assistance as well as therapeutic tools to support students in managing emotions in order to remain engaged in learning. We offer various electives to suit student credit needs and individual interests as well as to build CTE skills and develop career awareness.


Our goal is to provide students with all of the social-emotional and academic support they need currently to help them transition back to a less restrictive environment as soon as they are ready. We strive to make the transition as smooth and supportive as possible by providing continuity in the courses and credits required by their districts as well as by continuing to develop executive functioning skills around academic organization. We work with all districts and families at the time of intake to complete a Goals in Placement and Transition Plan. This document helps our team to better understand the specific goals each student has during their placement in a non-public school so that we can individualize a plan of support to help them achieve these goals.

Supporting Student Goals

The long-term academic and social goals of youth in placement at Journey do not have to be postponed. We use the opportunity of supportive placement to help your teen develop personal integrity, accountability, responsibility, and communication in order to develop into the best version of themselves. We support them in developing independent living skills by assisting them in pursuing a driver’s license, a part-time job, concurrent enrollment at the junior college and/or college/career awareness as appropriate to their personal needs and goals. We believe these aspirations positively contribute to the development of a growing young adult.