Make a list of your strengths on a piece of paper. Choose the three best things
about yourself, and write what you like about them. It can be hard to think of our own strengths.
If it’s hard to think of something, imagine what someone who loves you would say are your best
strengths, and write about those.


Start a gratitude journal. Every day for a week, write down one thing that you are
grateful for. Write a description of why you are grateful for it. Try to describe it as if you are
explaining it to someone from a different planet, who has never seen/heard of it before.

Intergalactic Traveler:

Imagine you have just arrived to Earth from another planet. You land in
the room you are currently sitting in. Look around you, and write about what you see, hear,
smell, taste, and feel (touch). Describe the sensations as if they are all brand new to you.


How has your day-to-day life changed with COVID-19? What changes do you hope
will last?