We’re glad you’re here! Check out the steps to take to become a resource parent. Remember, in Sonoma County alone, at least 50 youth a day are in need of a placement. Thank you for your interest in helping our community’s most vulnerable youth.

Next Steps to becoming a Resource Parent

  1. Call (707) 634-9033 to have your initial questions answered and/or to schedule an orientation meeting.
  2. Fill out an inquiry or application form by clicking here.
  3. Enroll in the resource parent pre-service training by calling (707) 276-6741. The series consists of six 3 hour modules and is offered in English and Spanish by the Child Parent Institute. Topics include:
    • Overview of child welfare’s role
    • Your role on the professional team
    • Positive parenting skills
    • Childhood trauma and traumatic stress
    • Coping with loss and transition
  1. Train for CPR and First Aid Infant/Child certification.
  2. Complete the application process which will include being fingerprinted for your background check.
  3. A TLC Social Worker will contact you to schedule a home visit to evaluate the home for safety, comfort and bedroom space.
  4. The TLC Social Worker will schedule a series of meetings with all members of your household to conduct a Resource Family Evaluation and create a written report to be shared with placing agencies.
  5. At the conclusion of the Resource Family Evaluation process, your TLC social worker will schedule a support meeting with your family and your support network to  discuss how to prepare to bring a child into your home.
  6. Once your approval process is complete, we will begin the matching process of finding the right child or children for your home.

GET STARTED: If you would like more information, or apply to become a resource family, click here