On Thursday, August 12, Journey Academy Interim Director of Academics Karen Bergman, LCSW, welcomed 24 students and their teachers back to campus for the 2021/2022 school year during a morning assembly. Journey Academy, located in Sebastopol, helps students expand their capacities to succeed and thrive in the real world, grow academically, and find confidence in their unique expression of who they are.

Susan Fette, MFT, TLC Child & Family Services CEO, said that the excitement is high as the teachers and staff are eager to welcome returning and new students on campus.

“At Journey Academy, we provide therapeutic services to support students’ ability to complete their academics,” Fette said. “We offer small class sizes, individual support, and a nurturing environment that is different from what students may have had in other schools.”

Bergman said that TLC staff is thrilled to have students back on campus after many missed out on the in-person school experience and important socialization last year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Our campus and teachers are prepped and ready to provide high-impact learning experiences for our students while maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols,” Bergman said.

Journey Academy will implement COVID-19 safety practices and procedures to ensure students and teachers are safe. The COVID-19 Safety Plan and Prevention Program documents are available on the Journey Academy website.

“We are taking the safety of our students seriously but are encouraged by the California Department of Education’s support of measures that will allow students to maintain an in-person school experience this year,” Bergman said. We will continue looking at all components of the school environment and procedures to ensure we are operating using best practices that align with the recommendations and requirements of the County Health Department.”

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