Transitional Housing Placement Program

Transitional Housing Placement Program

Many of our foster care youths between the ages of 16-18 have no adult in their lives to help guide them towards independence. The goal of THPP is to help youths emancipate successfully by providing a safe environment to practice the life skills necessary to live independently. Participants may live alone or with roommates in apartments and single-family dwellings. Regular support and supervision is provided by TLC staff that includes social workers and childcare workers. We primarily serve adolescents residing in Sonoma County but can accept referrals from other counties..

Support services include:

  • Regular visits to participants’ residences by TLC staff
  • Life skill training
  • Educational guidance
  • Employment counseling
  • Crisis intervention by TLC staff
  • Assistance reaching emancipation goals outlined in participant’s Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP), the emancipation readiness case plan.

THPP Eligibility

  • Youths must be between the ages of 16-18 years and demonstrate maturity and readiness for independent living.
  • Referral to THPP must be made through the County of Sonoma Human Services Department or referrals from other counties.
  • Youths must attend a high school, GED program, junior college, vocational program or have a job.
  • All participants must be committed to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle and agree to participate actively in Transitional Independent Living Plan development.

Once accepted into the program, a host home or apartment rental unit is provided. In addition, TLC provides basic furniture and household appliances along with miscellaneous furnishings. Students are also eligible for scholarships from our Children’s Enrichment Fund.