Orchard House

(Level 12 - CCL# 496801036)

The Orchard program offers youth ages 15-19 the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to support self-sufficiency. Built in 2002 and located on our main campus, this spacious, ranch style home is set on an acre of land and surrounded by apple orchards. It is a co-ed group home with eight individual bedrooms and separate wings for each gender.

Orchard House is designed for teens that have graduated from other Level 12 programs and are ready to work toward independence and integration into the community. Residents are afforded more opportunities to earn trust, develop life skills, and practice independence so they can become valued community members.

In the home they are actively involved in creating program guidelines and organizing activities and recreational outings. All students are expected to either graduate high school or finish their GED while maintaining a job or volunteer position in the community.