Landlords and Homeowners

Landlords and Homeowners

How can you help these young people who desperately want an opportunity to transition into independent living?

It you have a room in your house or an apartment that you want rented, TLC can help you. You will house a reliable young adult as a tenant who is supervised by professional staff. Both the landlord and our youth benefit in this win-win situation.

How does it work? TLC will be the lessee, provide the deposit, and verify move-in condition of the home/apartment. TLC is able to pay competitive rates for apartment rentals or room rentals. Each landlord is assigned a TLC staff who schedules a weekly on-site visit with the THPP/THP-Plus client. Our landlords are an integral part of the success of this statewide effort to provide community housing to foster care youths.

Join our commitment to help young people emancipate successfully into productive members of our Sonoma County communities.

More information can be found in our Transitional Housing Brochure (pdf) or contact Nancy Campbell, THP Director or call (707) 528-3020 ext. 203.