Foster Care Directors

Foster Care Directors


Susan Fette - Director of the Foster Family and Adoption Agency

While Susan was attending college, she decided that she wanted her career path to include working with people through times of change, something that became clear to her from working for a suicide prevention program. Graduate school provided her with the necessary education and an opportunity to work in the counseling center providing individual and family therapy.
In 1997, after graduate school, Susan began working for Child Protective Services in Santa Cruz County. After relocating back to Sonoma County, she worked in the SOS program through Sonoma State University providing therapy to students at Montgomery High School and Helen Lehmen Elementary School as well as working in her own private practice. At this point she knew it was time to work on putting families together, which led her to Partners for Adoption in July 2003. When the doors of that agency closed shortly thereafter, she was welcomed into the TLC family. She worked as a foster care and adoptions social worker until 2006 when she was promoted to Regional Director.
Susan left TLC in 2008 to pursue an interest in the neurobiology behind mental health. She starting working for Eli Lilly in the Neuroscience division and then moved within the company to become a corporate responsibility ambassador helping colleagues give back.
In January 2014, Susan accepted the position of Program Director at TLC. She considers this a truly a fantastic opportunity as it brings her interests and skills together. She welcomes the opportunity to build families, provide services needed to support children and families, and ultimately create a trusted community.
Susan spends the majority of her free time running in Annadel State Park, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. Her family consists of her husband of 16 years, Randy, her two step children Amy and Emily (now adults, her son Rory (age 15) and her daughter Riley (age 13).

JeFF Killebrew, MA - Regional Director Foster Family and Adoption Agency Mendocino Regional Office

With TLC since 1994

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; 1975 – BA with Honors in Psychology
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio; 1982 – MA in Social Psychology

Work History

Jeff has been working in residential care for children for over a quarter-century.  He has always been interested in how families promote healthy individuals and relationships.  Jeff grew up in a family that moved frequently and developed an early appreciation for the strength and importance of families, particularly in the face of life’s many transitions.  His experience as a stepparent has given him a personal understanding of how foster and adoptive families blend unrelated people into a new family.  Jeff finds satisfaction in supporting families involved in this very special process, and being able to see families help children find their unique strengths and talents is a constant source of inspiration for him.  As he works with the many good people that assist in creating “forever families” for children, he remains very interested in further understanding issues that affect attachment and resilience.

Jeff also appreciates his many years of working with families that find rewards in caring for children when only a temporary placement in a foster home is required.  In these cases, it is a powerful kind of giving that allows families to care deeply for children and to ultimately prepare them to leave their homes.

Jeff finds his own personal strength and feeds his creativity by spending time with friends and family, playing and listening to music, hiking and camping, and working with his wife on their country property.  He enjoys the worst of puns and often finds relaxation with a cat in his lap.

Alexandra Jacobs, MSW, MPH – Assistant Program Director Foster Family & Adoption Agency Sebastopol Office

With TLC since 2008

Work History
Alexandra has been working as a social worker in various capacities since 1985.  She began as a student working with homeless individuals and families in Berkeley, and then completed her Masters degrees in Social Welfare and Public Health at U.C. Berkeley.  Her interest in maternal and child health led her to work as a planner at La Clínica de la Raza in Oakland where she later became a Medical Assistant.  Alexandra moved to Lake County and directed the WIC Program there, and then she moved to the Mendocino Coast where she started her family.  Alexandra has two adopted biracial children, a boy who is 13 and a girl who is 10.  She got to stay at home with them during their early childhood, and after she and her family settled into Santa Rosa, she worked at Burbank Housing as the Community Services Manager.

But Alexandra knew that her passion was adoption and parenting, and when she saw an ad for Bilingual Social Worker at TLC, she jumped at the opportunity.  For five years, Alexandra conducted home studies and carried foster and fost-adopt cases for Spanish- and English-speaking families.  Recently she was promoted to the full-time position of Assistant Program Director of Foster Care and Adoptions in the Sebastopol office.  Alexandra is excited to combine her social work experience with her management and planning skills in order to serve a larger group of families and children.

Working and parenting are both full-time jobs, but when she does have some free time, Alexandra enjoys walking and hiking with family and friends, cooking and baking, engaging in various creative arts, and volunteering at her children’s charter school.  She is also learning first-hand now about the challenges of raising a teenager, and she is step-mother to young adults who are moving out into the world.  As Alexandra’s nest gets emptier, she can start to look forward to getting back to previous interests, including long-distance bicycling and international travel.

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