Foster Care Resources

Foster Care Resources
Disabled or blind youth receiving Title IV-E federal foster care benefits usually cannot become eligible for supplemental security income (SSI) until foster care payments have stopped. Eligibility for foster care payments in most States ends at age 18 attainment. SSA may accept an SSI application from a youth up to 90 days before his or her foster care eligibility will end due to age. A Legal Resource for California Foster Childres and Their Advocates
Advokids is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending the rights andmeeting the needs of children who are in the California foster care system due to abuse or neglect at home.
Clases en espanol, Padres Unidos or call Community Action Partnership at 544-6911.
California Courts Self-Help Center. 
CA State Foster Parents Association.
The National Foster Parent Association’s provides training and education, nationally focused legislative advocacy, and opportunities for networking.
State of California - Department of Children’s Social Services.
Foster Parent College On-line courses on different behavio